for Stephen Deusner
(Paste, Pitchfork, Village Voice, Washington Post)

Stephen Deusner
You're the only voice of reason
When it comes to the boss, Bruce Springsteen

Stephen Deusner
Youre the only one who understands
That the hold steady don't steadily hold my hand

Stephen Deusner
Be our duder
Im a schmoozer
And a loosy muthafuckin' gooser
Outer footware
Is what I like to walk around in
I wanna chill and have some slim jims
But what does this have to do with Stephen Deusner

Stephen Deusner
What's the deal with Mmmbop meeting Cheap Trick
Theres no way james Iha is a dick

Stephen Deusner
Is the entrance band bad or good?
Youre the only one who tells it like you should