for Scott Lapatine
(founder of Stereogum)

Scott Lapatine
Scott Lapatine
You're on my mind
And in my dreams
They're sweaty
And better than sex

Scott Lapatine
Scott Lapatine
Your Stereo Gum is like sprinkles on ice cream
Please never autotune your soul
Why don't we spend a day and bowl

Lets have a party where we all wear headset
Microphones, but just to get our feet wet
I'm so alone so join my pool party of breasts
Theres enough to go around

Scott Lapatine
Scott Lapatine
Did you get my letter
Did you like my sweater
That I sent you?
Its thread count is 275
I hope it makes you feel alive

Lets correspond like its 1984
Im such a fucking whore
You should check out my duo zorch