for Ryan Schieber
(Founder/CEO of Pitchfork)
Feat. Thax Douglas

I'm Rising, I'm Rising
to Ryan Schrieber
Rising a doughboy for Ryan Schreiber
Hallelujah the hills of Hotbread bleeding chocolate chips of Confederate Dead
-- Rising for Ryan Schreiber

Rising, Post-rising
to Ryan Schreiber
Keep the muffins melting flexibly
Don't let 'em harden into the merely cool
-- Rising for Ryan Schreiber

We can eat muffins any day of the week
But how often are we trained to speak

Rising, I'm Rising
to Ryan Schreiber
Rising, Still Rising for Ryan Schreiber
Pop out Turonovers are burning for you
Burnt- tipped urchins are turning to you
So Ryan Schreiber, Stay Rising High For Me