for Emily Zemler
(Spin, Alternative Press, Rcrdlbl)

Emily Zemler
You have a top ten in no particular order
You began reviewing music when you were three years of age
My mom also played Beatles record for me
Therefore you remind me of me

What kind of picture do u think you would draw
After listening to my band zorch
We are also teenage mutant psych rock
Even though I am Canadian

I currently reside in Austin
You came for SXSW 2010
That is cool that circa survive dedicated a song in a tent for u
But lookie here, we have written a whole song from scratch and it is for u

I also dislike duder who plays 90s covers at the BBQ
For 2 hours against my will
Cruel and unusual punishment
I just want to sit here by the fire and enjoy my golden marshmellow
Can I be in your new hipster band
Hollywood Celebrity Parties?