We made this series of videos as a set of personalized songs for various music critics. Press releases and PR can get really boring and we wanted to do something different, unique and fun. Reception was varied, although most critics enjoyed their songs.


"Zorch writes songs for rock critics; becomes mild internet sensation" - The Onion


"The ballad of Ryan Schreiber? Band writes odes to rock critics in shameless bid for attention (that worked)..." -Daily Swarm


“Austin’s ZORCH is writing individual songs about rock critics in hopes to get some internet buzz. That will never wor—” - Christopher Weingarten (@1000timesyes)


"The question on everyone’s mind: Is Robin Hilton actually a lizard creature, perhaps from another planet, disguised as a human? And is he part of a magnificent reptilian race that’s secretly controlling our lives? The short answer is, maybe? The Austin-based band Zorch, a duo I gushed about on our South by Southwest preview show back in March, tackles these questions and more on the group’s latest song, “Lesbian Seagull.” - NPR